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Autoria de capítulos by Martha Gabriel

Speech and Language Technologies
— Edited by Ivo Ipsic, 2011

This book addresses state-of-the-art systems and achievements in various topics in the research field of speech and language technologies. Book chapters are organized in different sections covering diverse problems, which have to be solved in speech recognition and language understanding systems. In the first section machine translation systems based on large parallel corpora using rule-based and statistical-based translation methods are presented. The third chapter presents work on real time two way speech-to-speech translation systems. In the second section two papers explore the use of speech technologies in language learning. The third section presents a work on language modeling used for speech recognition. The chapters in section Text-to-speech systems and emotional speech describe corpus-based speech synthesis and highlight the importance of speech prosody in speech recognition. In the fifth section the problem of speaker diarization is addressed. The last section presents various topics in speech technology applications like audio-visual speech recognition and lip reading systems.

Chapter 17 by Martha Gabriel: Voice Interfaces in Art – an Experimentation with Web Open Standards as a Model to Increase Web Accessibility and Digital Inclusion (downloaded more than 3000 times as june/2016)

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